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Help Lebanon

Lebanon has been running out of fuel and electricity, and there is just so many things going on, that I cannot write everything down, but hospitals are in extreme danger RIGHT NOW so here are some sites that SHOULD be safe to send donations to.

For this one, please select "I would like to select another designation and/or split my gift" and then look for areas for the AUBMC, either "AUBMC 2020" or for the disaster relief fund for the hospital specifically, you might have to select multiple just make sure they get it.

In case that doesn't work, here is a screenshot I took from their main website:

Social Justice/Socialism

US Politics Resources

A cool website to quickly see what politicians' stances are on things, the sources for that, and how they've voted on previous bills, as well as a summary of the bill.

Same as the previous, but along with seeing what they voted for, also gives in-depth information on every politician and bills that are currently being voted on, and so much more. Good Stuff.

Social Justice/Socialism

Social Justice Resources


Because I am focused on so many things on this site, there is a MUCH higher percentage of these types of sites I will miss, so I really suggest looking at some of these general sites, where that's all these people are focused on. Thanks!



Indigenous Communities

US-Mexico Border Crisis


Social Justice/Socialism

Socalism/Marxism/Anti-Racism learning Resources

The linktree for the Radical Readers Club, with SO MANY books on race, communism, fascism, liberalism, and so many other topics, free for the taking!!

A new one on my radar, it sets up lesson plans and breaks down a lot of socialist/marxist theory in bite sized chunk so it's easier to take in. Good for those with a low attention span.

A great site with a good lesson plan on pieces of theory to read to get more aquainted with socialist theory (for those with a better attention span, BUT there are smaller pieces I recommend reading from here as well).

A carrd site full of resources, videos to watch, or book titles to look up and read about any given topic, everything from marxism, to black liberation, Palestine, etc.

A google doc full of annotations and notes of marxist/communist literature taken by tik tok user: @iisauh

I'm not a marxist-leninist but I think a lot of these readings are still very important, so I still reccomend.

Just a nice site that gives an idea of what a world without police would look like, how we would get there, etc.

A just FANTASTIC site filled with various texts, most of these are about racism, systemic racism, but there are also marxist readings included (this is where I found the reddit study guide, I only included as it's own list so that it's easier to find).

The first link is to an instagram post talking about these free texts, the second link is the link from the instagram post so you can easily click on it from here.

Good reading resources of various types that discuss racism and race.

Youtube Channels

I already have a few of these channels on the list, but when I found this video, I didn't want to just copy and paste all of these channels since this person already did that work, and they should more benefit from it. Subscribe to their channel too, they do great stuff.

A good source for 101 concepts of socialism, capitalism, and politics in general.

The socialist himbo we all know and love who streams and gives good anti-capitalist content.

From their about section: "I like to talk about history, sex, sociology, and pop culture. Do not subscribe if you cannot handle duality! In addition to publishing three books on black history and America, I promote sexual positivity! I produce boudoir/pinup photoshoots & create content on OnlyFans."

From their about section: "Anark is a channel which aims to explore the philosophical foundations of leftist ideas, especially those of the anarchist and libertarian-socialist variety. "

From their about section: "Here at Eco Gecko, we create leftist commentaries on cities, suburbs, and urban planning, with other topics scattered about."

From their about section: "I talk about the theory and history of anarchism, feminism and marxism."

From their about section: "An Iraqi Marxist that makes videos from time to time"

From their about section: "Ruminations, rants, lectures, screeds from a New Afrikan Maoist."

Does videos on leftist topics and gives good arguments.

From their about section: "Videos on history, politics, society & culture, covering a broad array of topics in way too much depth."

From their about section: "I make educational videos about politics from a Marxist perspective."

She makes various video essays and videos in general about politics and life.

Social Justice/Socialism

Take Action

A Google Doc to help with Texas

A useful site that helps you send emails to government officials to divest from the police and invest in other areas.

Similar to the one above, helps you email or tweet at your representatives to hold them accountable for keeping black lives safe.

A page that gives you a lot of petitions you can sign.

One of my favourites, this is a bot that you can talk to that helps you in various ways, but the main aspect of this is that it helps you send letters to your representatives.

Drawing/Painting Learning

More resources here

A really great collection of various learning tools and a structure you can use to learn how to draw.

A great painting program used for making manga/illustration.

Another good paint program to use. only for Windows


Just seems to have a lot of podcasts on History and things of that nature.

I won't do many single podcast shows but I wanted to really give this one a shout out because I love this one so much, and there's always so much to learn.

I know you can find this if you just go to Duolingo but I thought I'd give a special shout out here because I love them.

They seem to have a lot of podcasts that go into all kinds of subjects, great for learning while in the car!

OCWs (OpenCourseWare)

This is probably my favourite one. So, MIT’s goal here is to have as many of their actual classes they offer at their campus for free online. What’s offered differs from class to class. All classes contain something akin to a syllabus, a course description, required textbooks, a schedule on what is being read in what order, and assignments/quizzes/finals and their answers/rubric. A good amount offer at the very least lecture notes, and a lot of newer ones have lecture videos you can watch to get the full experience. But that’s just scratching the surface. There are also many supplemental materials offered, some online textbooks, websites containing programs you can use for various things, and so much more. Containing both undergraduate and graduate courses, each class has the full name and course number you would use to find said class if you were really at MIT. So, what’s to stop you from going to MIT’s admissions page, finding all the courses you would need to complete, and searching for them on MITOpenCourseware and doing them there? Nothing, that’s what.

Like the rest of these, it depends on the class. All courses on this site are real classes taught In this college. Classes that rely heavily on the lectures or in class material only give the schedules, assignments, and syllabus typically. A good number though give lecture notes, and all give the required textbook(s). Not that many classes, but still good.

There actually are new classes that are offered here, I am currently taking their physics one and two courses, which offer lecture videos, homework, and tests all with solutions, and there are many other courses available here, many of which are also available on edx or coursera, but obviously some not.

This is a cool one because, like the last two, there aren’t many classes(a good chunk), but each class has video lectures, materials, syllabus, readings, everything. Some cool things this site also has are “collections”. They are basically just collections of a subject, in an order you should take them in. The coolest collection by far is the Open Chemistry. It has essentially every chemistry class you’d take if you went there for a chemistry degree(of course there you would take other courses to get said degree, but the chem classes alone are right here).

This is a really cool one. They offer a ton of classes, with mostly medical and engineering courses. Like with others, each class will, of course, give a description of the course, a schedule, assignments, and any required reading, and some add lectures, or lecture notes so you can learn straight from the site.

At first glance, this is just about open data, but if you look around, you’ll find the classes. Very user-friendly and the classes I’ve seen so far give a lot of materials out for you to use, so this is a good resource. This site does make use of a lot of outside materials too, to get its point across so that’s also pretty neat. Same basic things as the others though.

Very similar to irvine, most classes I’ve seen offer videos, as well as everything else I talked about. This one seems to be more oriented towards applied sciences. I’ve seen a few courses where all the materials have a “404 not found” block where the materials are supposed to be, so keep an eye out for those.

This one looks somewhat recent, but is full of specifically engineering related content, as the name suggests.

You've got that right, we're using Archive.org(link in the "Libraries/Databases" section) to view this one, as it was taken down in 2014. However, you can still access at least most of the materials, if not all of them. Now, because of the nature of this site being taken down, there will obviously be some things you will have to take with a grain of salt. For example, this site will be forever stuck in the year it was shut down, there won't be any updating, and eventually the information will become obsolete. There are still, however, material that probably won't become too out dated soon, like any math class for example. But, there's still a lot here so why don't you check it out for yourself. And, just so you know, I linked the last snapshot they took before the site was taken down.

Youtube Channels

While the content of this channel has differed slightly in recent years, if you go to the playlists you can find that they offer full Cornell classes you can watch and learn to, such as different plant science related classes.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course)

A massive online collection of online classes offered by several different Universities and companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. I’ve heard some people find navigating it confusing, but if you just play around with it for a while I think you’ll get used to it. Every course can be bought in order to receive a certificate if you pass, and certain courses are actually credit eligible with the colleges that host them. The site even offered master’s degree options hosted by specific schools. I know the site makes its money off of the people that buy certificates, and I am glad people do feel the need to pay for it, but for all intents and purposes the site is still free, as are all the classes. If you just want to learn the material, you can, and you don’t HAVE to spend anything. For what it is, I think it is a great site.

A massive online collection of online classes offered by several different Universities and companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. I’ve heard some people find navigating it confusing, but if you just play around with it for a while I think you’ll get used to it. Every course can be bought in order to receive a certificate if you pass, and certain courses are actually credit eligible with the colleges that host them. The site even offered master’s degree options hosted by specific schools. I know the site makes its money off of the people that buy certificates, and I am glad people do feel the need to pay for it, but for all intents and purposes the site is still free, as are all the classes. If you just want to learn the material, you can, and you don’t HAVE to spend anything. For what it is, I think it is a great site.

One of the first MOOC(Massive Open Online Courses) sites, Academic Earth acts primarily like a “hub” site. The classes they offer will either just be a playlist of video lectures, or will link to another site that actually offers the course. The site also provides a little information on different types of degrees/certificates in some of the most popular majors, such as median salary. When searching through a particular subject(such as physics courses), at the bottom of the page, there is a section called: “Get more out of your Online _____ Courses”. Essentially, when looking through each subject, you can go to the bottom and it will show different magazines and trades, grants and scholarships you could apply for, internships you can search for, and student/professional organizations that all deal with said subject. As a little bonus too, the site also offers small “video electives” which are its own original content, and are bite-sized information videos. I cannot of course validity their authenticity, but I’m sure there’s something of value there. The only disadvantage of this site is that in terms of the lectures and materials the site itself offers, because of the lack of an actual classroom format(i.e. forums, tests, grading), I would recommend using sites such as Coursera or EDX wherever available.

This is actually a beautiful site filled with free courses, activities, articles, and other educational media. Unlike other sites, the certificates you can earn here are free so no paying required if you want a certificate. One really cool thing too is that there are also courses in different languages you can take, a lot actually. Since starting this adventure, finding learning sites, I have to say this is probably my favorite, tied right up there with MIT’s Open Courseware site. There’s so many interesting things to learn on this site, and I highly recommend it. - EDIT: one thing I missed, there’s also different sections, like, there’s one area all about learning for life, like skills for work, family and relationships, health and wellbeing, and money and finances. And, there’s a for study section, all about being a better student, how to write essays better, understanding math, etc. CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!!!!!

This is also a great site, it contains its own courses, but also links to other courseware sites that offer ones as well. Just like OpenLearn, there’s a wide variety of subjects to learn from and it’s all free! I don’t remember coming across any plea to have a premium account(doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, just that I didn’t see it). With each subject there are also documentaries on all these subjects that you can watch, usually from the site itself.

I haven't finished any classes on this site yet, but essentially the way it works is, you can pay varying amounts for longer access and materials, but for free you get most classes for free for 5 weeks, so join only when you know you'll have the time to do it.

This site has mostly classes you need to pay for, but there some free classes offered, hence why it is on this list. It has a few original courses so if you want to use it you can, just make sure to search “free” in the search bar.

This site mainly focuses on computer science related classes. It is presently a for-profit site, but offers free classes here and there. There isn’t one easy way to find the free ones. Even searching “free” won’t bring up every free class, and will also bring up some new ones that you still have to pay for, so in that regard it’s a bit of a pain finding classes.

So I hadn't tried Udemy, so I just figured you had to pay for everything. But, to my surprise, there are quite a few thousand free classes you can take. Now, they're pretty much in a specific genre but there are some good free classes in every subject. But, I can't say I like the site SO far. I paid for a couple classes, so my opinion so far is based on the PAID classes I'm taking, and while there is a lot of good info in these classes, and I'm glad I'm supporting these people teaching, but damn 27 dollars for 3 hours of lecture? 12 dollars for one hour? and that's on SALE, it was a lot more expensive than that. I mean, again I'm happy to support these people but I can't help but rather take the free classes just to get my money's worth. The free classes are mainly all beginner courses, but still helpful regardless.

What’s funny about this site is that it’s actually for legitimate online classes, for credit I mean, but it has a section for independent learning. Click the link, go to the top right and hover over STUDENTS, click “start of access your course”, then scroll down to “courses for independent learners”, ignore the warning that you load on and scroll down to the subjects, click on a course, click “enter the open & free course”, ignore the left side and focus on the right that says “register without an account”, click the captcha box and then enter the course. It’s extremely confusing navigating it, but I think if you want to learn the subject, you have full on courses you can learn for free, if you’re willing to spend a few minutes on the steps above. I haven’t used it much so I’d definitely appreciate feedback on it to those who decide to try it out.

I've linked a very specific page since what other sites link to is just an area where the college sends you to MOOCs from other sites that they teach, but where I AM sending you is the results of short classes they themselves offer on THEIR own site. Seems to be legit and pretty good so here ya go.

This is an interesting site because it was made by the Indian Government for more educational resources. There's a plant biology class I really want to take on here but every time I visit the page it says the registration period ended. Sigh.

Another site mostly aimed towards Highschoolers and below, but personally I still enjoy Khan Academy and frequent it as much as I can. The amount of AP classes they have keep me interested(they are supposed to be college level anyways right?) as well as their other courses like computer science, astronomy, electrical engineering, programming, It’s just a fun site to be on and has a lot of information to be gotten from it.

Well, I do not have an Iphone or Ipad so I cannot use this app but I've been told it is very good soooo here ya go.

This site really just links to other sites that offer the real classes, but they do have some of their own content, but it's a nice list and even has helpful tips to get the free version of things. They also have lists on where to get free educational movies, ebooks, podcasts, etc.

This one is an odd site to write about since it's Wikipedia and people seem to have a lot of problems with it. Sure, things can be edited, especially pages that aren't as heavily viewed, thus not being as heavily monitored, but at the very least still have good sources to look at. This specifically I think is really cool because it organizes these pages in a way thats structured like a class. There's a lot of valuable things to learn on here, especially in the sciences, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Youtube Channels

Free Language Learning

Also check MOOC and OCW sections for sites with classes on Language Learning

Duolingo has been my primary source of language learning for a while. Now that it has been some time I can finally acknowledge its shortcomings, but it’s still a solid app/site and I can’t recommend it enough. It can be troublesome, but it kept me motivated for a while.

a Sister-Site to Duolingo. It is still its own thing, however. The site is basically a better version of quizlet. You can find thousands of subjects to learn with their flashcards, and algorithms to test you so you learn the best you can. Just like Duolingo, it relies on other people reporting incorrect cards to make sure the cards people are studying from are accurate. But, if you don’t want to use that, you can make your own flashcards. And, unlike quizlet, you don’t need to pay to use images as your cards.

This is actually a great app to use if you are learning a second language. Basically the app is a friend-meeting app, where you meet people trying to learn your language from countries that speak the language you are trying to learn. It has a bunch of tools you can use, like sending voice messages, transcribing the voice message to the best of its ability, translating messages(it has a cap on like 25 a day or something), and the ability to call. It has certain things locked off for the pro version but for the most part you don’t need it, the bare app is good enough as it is. I highly recommend it. Plus there are programs on it for learning words directly from the app, so that's really cool as well!

I was told about this site by some guy on Tik Tok, but supposedly people that work for the government use them to learn languages fast? I have no idea, but there seems to be a large amount of learning material for many languages you can download for free. Have fun!!

So basically this is a site where this guy is teaching a student each of the languages offered, breaking them down heavily, and they're available to listen for free. This has come highly recommended so I hope you all enjoy!

This is a game-based context learning site for languages. You play games and complete sentences as you go. I've been told it's for intermediates and beyond.

This seems to be very similar to Clozemaster, but without the game portion, and it's an app, but I've heard it's still pretty good.

A really cool app you use to read from one language to another (most likely your native to the language you want to learn), the first language pair you choose is free, and I believe anything after you have to pay for.

If I remember correctly you only get like 5 minutes a day to learn before you have to pay but hey at least SOME part of it is free!

Mango is a great resource that I have used a little with my Spanish/Arabic learning. I personally wouldn't use it unless you could get free access, but to each their own, it is still a great resource.

Busuu has a good number of languages you can learn, it has good lessons you can do, and every once and a while you get requests from people to help translate sentences which is nice. There are some paid options as well, obviously, such as live lessons, which I haven't tried.

A huge overview for a long list of languages that is great for getting a quick overview of a language you want to learn, and going forward from there.

A really helpful site for learning new words and different conjugations for them! I mostly use it for arabic, but there's tons for many other languages.

I hate the spelling of this but its a great resource, and a fairly accurate proficiency test. Sure, it's just reading and writing based basically, but it gave me the score I was expecting so that's good.

These two sites apparently give very good resources for learning Spanish and French, respectively. There's information of levels of fluency, tests, lessons, the whole nine yards!

This site has some things you can buy with lesson plans, but you have a lot of free material as well. The man in question isn't a native french speaker but he speaks very well, and slowly. I am not learning French but this has been recommenced to me(same with Lawless French, above).

You can use this site to find the names of every Indigenous Language from the Americas, information about it and the people who spoke the languages. Many languages do not have many speakers and could very well die out, so maybe learn an Indigenous Language and keep it alive!

I think it's really cool the official Cherokee website has these resources for learning their language. There aren't that many speakers so I absolutely recommend giving it a try! If you want more info there are a couple units in Mango for Cherokee.

I mostly used this site to learn the alphabet but there's a ton here to look at so you can learn Arabic.

My friends personal favourite site for learning Arabic. It has a lot of valuable and in-depth information on grammar, extensive vocabulary lists, and links for various other sites for learning Arabic. There's also an FAQ if you have questions.

This page gives some good info on ASL, and then you can click the "lessons" link on the top for courses, or "ASL University" for extra info.

This is a really cool site that offers a really cool method of practicing Morse Code as well as PDFs and audio files to use. There's even a section of how to learn it with braille!

Youtube Channels

I put in the link to this channels affiliated channel page so I wouldn't have to name all the channels that have videos teaching various languages. I think they're fun short/sometimes long videos but see what you think.

This is a great channel with videos on many languages, they offer short videos with real people talking in various languages so you can get practice listening, and short enough to easily rewatch multiple times without spending too much time on it.

Code Learning

Also check MOOC and OCW sections for sites with classes on Code Learning

Owned by the person that created HTML in the first place, w3Schools is a great resource if you want to learn and keep up with HTML. I know a lot of people like learning other languages, and I love those too, but there’s just something captivating about learning HTML. The best part about the site is that they not only teach you a lot about HTML, they have example boxes you can click to try the code for yourself and mess around with it so you can see what it looks like. It’s a nice site and I highly recommend.

This site has much more than code learning resources but the resources are pretty good and there are comments in case you want extra help. Currently there's resources for Python, Swift, Linux, etc.

A free coding resource that emphasizes project-based learning, with also strong community connections for added help. Thanks for the submission!

This site has resources from starting coding altogether, showing how the code looks, providing boxes to test code and see the result, to CSS, Javascript, Python, and so much more. You can even get certificates from the site.

I used to like code academy more a few years ago, I don’t remember them being so anal about having to pay or certain things like they are now. If you want to learn the basics of a variety of languages, you can for free. But, unlike a lot of the sites here, they do have a pro version to get everything, ut you have to pay for that. Considering the age we are in, I wouldn’t recommend it given you can learn everything you need for free elsewhere, but if you want a good starting place, I think you might like this site.

GitHub has been such a wonderful resource for me with learning programs, like using it to download IRAF, but there are many courses you can take for free in a variety of programming languages. It's really fun and there's lots to learn for absolutely free, can't recommend enough!

I also believe this one has a pro version as well, but if I remember correctly, it still had more languages you could learn for free, and it took longer to get to a point where you had to pay to keep going. I think it did a much better job in giving people a FREE resource to learn to code. You can find it on the Play Store, I have no idea about Apple.

While I haven't used this myself, my dad used to use this when he was learning PHP so it's probably a good source. There's also comment sections for extra help.

The great thing about this site is that there are online classes on using Raspberry Pis, different coding languages, signing up for different dojos to have group learning and competitions, and a code club. Click the projects button on the top of the page for even more fun things to learn, like websites, music, games, and more!

Youtube Channels

Before you say anything, this is not the same resource as listed above. The above resource is a site you can use to test your coding skills as you learn, and do everything hands on. This here is their Youtube channel where you can watch other people teach and demonstrate the code, in case you're a visual and auditory learner, this is a perfect channel to watch.

Additional Resources

Essentially this site actually offers thousands of free textbooks, some published by the site itself, and others by various other colleges or companies. They are not only free to view, but also download. Not all textbooks you might need for a class are here, so I wouldn’t recommend using this as your only textbook for classes, especially if said class requires specific pages or problems from its own book to be read, but it is a great outside tool for extra information. But, who knows, maybe the textbook you need is on here, luckily you can search by name, author, etc. It looks like at the time I am writing this (July, 11 2020), this year OpenStax will be shutting down, and then all of its content will be moved to Archive.org, so I will update it once this happens.

This is a site started by Sal from Khan Academy to give free tutoring online. Check it out, it's cool and it's free!

This seems to be a really cool site, it basically gives tutorials on a whole bunch of things, from math and reading, how to use the internet, tutorials on word, photography editing, to even different languages. The topics range anywhere from career-based to academic. You don't need to sign up for an account or anything you just click through and learn things. Highly recommend.

This is really just a site for high schoolers, but nonetheless, it has a variety of knowledge in multiple subjects of gen ed, and though a lot of my friends hated it(probably because they were being used as a grade), I still think there are ways it can be used to help you learn. They just added a Spanish section and I think that’s for all ages so to those not in high scho

You all know TED talks, its just their site where they keep them.

This is mainly for k-12 students but it has a bunch of games and things you can learn.

This site compiles different places that offer online classes. In this case it links to actual college university sites that offer the classes, other sites that offer classes (like coursera) and documentaries that teach the subject, so it’s a good place to start out if you are looking for a place to learn a particular academic subject.

This is more of a teacher learning site for K-12, but it includes videos and curriculums you can use to base your class on, and refresh yourself on the concepts you will be using to teach.

This site just compiles many different videos from other sites into one place. The plus side is though that it takes videos from sites I, myself, wouldn’t add to this free learning sites list, but since they are about some subject matter, they can be viewed all in one area. It takes videos from sites in this list as well as others, and It’s just a huge open video library to look through.

I didn't quite know which section to put this one in but here we go. This site lets you listen to radio stations from all over the world!! Pretty neat right??

Youtube Channels


I almost didn't place this one in here, but seeing as OpenStax will one day be moved to this site, I felt it necessary. Plus, it's like the ultimate library or everything! I'm sure everyone knows how to work it, but just take a stroll through it if you don't, there's lots to find!

While this is not a library in and of itself, it is an app you can use in tandem with your local library to borrow ebooks, and as far as this site is concerned, we LOVE our local libraries!!

This is a site that gives you access to over 60,000 free books that the US copyright have expired for. Great resource though!

This is an ever growing site that contains Database after Database. with more made all the time. You can use this in a variety of ways, such as finding databases for video productions, education, science, cooking, etc etc. There's lots of info in all of these "bases", as they are called, that you can use to better your life in many ways, such as just being able to see what goes into making an entire production of something, for instance.

Free library of icons you are free to use.

This is from the OpenCourseWare I have on another part of the site, but I wanted to specifically talk about its Open Database with links to many other places for free data you can look at.

A great site for looking at astrophysics papers for free.

This is a great resource to find information on stars and research papers that mention them. You can use the top bar to go to other astronomical databases that do various other tasks as well.

This sit just has a large collections of answers to various questions, and tools in various subjects. A fun place to look through.

The first link takes you to a Wikipedia page outlining all the Wikimedia specific libraries/databases including, but not limited to: Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies, Wikisource, and Wikidata. There's tons to see here so definitely take your time.

The second link takes you to a wikipedia page linking every site that uses a wiki model of storing information. I didn't know if I wanted to include this but I figured I might as well link it since people worked hard to put all of that together.

Internship/Job/Scholarship Sites

(also look at Academic Earth in the MOOC category for degree-specific internship opportunities)


Site for Federal government jobs.

A great resource for finding jobs, scholarships, certifications, information on wages and industries, info on Covid-19 unemployment, and so much more. It's also sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

One of the best sites for finding jobs in the entertainment field.


A site for finding colleges, primary schools, grad schools, places to live, jobs, and scholarships.

Site for Scholarships, internships, part time jobs, student deals, articles, info on student loans, and more.

Good info on all types of financial aid and helpful tips.

Site for scholarships, college searches, and student loan info.

Information on scholarships, managing loans, etc. (remember to file your FAFSA if you're a college student).



Production Resources

This site is for finding talent for your Films.

The number one site for finding and applying for film crews.

Used for finding and submitting to film festivals.


Learn Filmmaking

Learn Filmmaking


This can also be borrowed for free for an hour on Archive.org.

Learn Filmmaking

Production Design/Art Direction

A fantastic article by No Film School aout colour theory.

A step-by-step guide to set design

A playlist of 70+ videos for drawing and rendering.

A playlist of drawing set design.

A youtube channel that teaches drawing, rendering, using CAD, rigging, lighting, etc.

A playlist giving information on various movies and their design and art direction.

Article that gives 9 different ways you can learn Interior Design, which is very helpful for set design! (the first resource is from MIT OCW which is on this site)

This can be borrowed for a short time for free on Archive.org.

Learn Filmmaking


Just a short article giving some tips.

Extremely important since you'll probably be on G&E at some point in your life.

A classic filmmaking channel that took a break for a while, but it is still a great resource.

A great channel filled with info of all portions of production.

Learn Filmmaking


Learn Filmmaking



Stop Motion

Learn Filmmaking

Broad Channels/Sites

An oldie but a goodie, giving you valuable information on each key department.

A great channel giving you information on all the key aspects of filmmaking.

This is great site filled with info on G&E, assistant directing, set etiquette, and so much more.

I watched this channel all the time for learning how to keep going with independent filmmaking. There's a lot of info with cinematography, editing, color correction, etc.

This is a wonderful channel, having info for independent and professional filmmaking, Visual and special effects, cinematography, art direction, lighting, etc.

A wonderful filmmaker who taught me a lot about independent filmmaking.

Learn Filmmaking

Film History

A master playlist with 132 videos, each an hour long going through a long history of film.

All of the main Filmmaker IQ film history videos, most of them a lot shorter.

Crash Course

All three film courses, which in all, gives a good overview of cinema, looking deep into it, and then moving on to production.


Free Programs

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A web-based program you can use to write scripts for free. You get three free scripts but you don't have a time limit, page limit, and export/import limit so just think about it. This site is great for writing scripts with other people too!

This one, like Celtx, has a free and pro version, and from what I can tell the free version is pretty good so here ya go.

This one you can actually download, you also only get a certain amount of free scripts but you can get creative and still use it mainly for free.

You might be disgusted with this choice, being a google doc add-on, but I assure you it is good. Just mess with the margins a bit(click here for a screenplay formatting breakdown) and it looks almost as good as anything you do in Final Draft(although their personal font they use is far superior).

Editing/Special Effects

This is an amazing deal that was just made recently so if you're a film student, or still in school at all, I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer.

This is also an amazing deal that was just made recently, so if you're a film student, or still in school at all, I also highly recommend you take advantage of this offer.

I couldn't believe this had a free version either, and it has so many features, and only a small bit not included from the pro version. There's a video editor, an affects node editor, audio, and colorist editor all built in to the same program. I will say for the audio editor, it doesn't include noise reduction, but Audacity does(sound program section).


The love of my life, I've spent so many years enjoying Blender. Its latest incarnation is by far the best. With this program, you can edit videos, VFX, 2D animation, 3D animation, and I'm not sure if it still has this feature but it also had a game engine(you can download older versions if they took it out, which i'm not sure about).

A program for making 2D hand-drawn animations.

A very simple, yet reliable, animation app for android, as well as many other platforms.

A gorgeous open-source program for doing animation.

Photo Editing

A great web-based photoshop clone(essentially) that I use all the time now that I don't have access to photoshop.

A bit of a learning curve but ultimately very useful open-source photo editor you can download.

A great photo editing system, my brother introduced this to me and he seems to love it.

Sound Editing

My personal favourite audio editing software, open source, and includes noise reduction!!


A great resource to use when planning your shotlist.

A wonderful program to make your light plots(for non-commercial uses, otherwise you have to pay).


The first page not only explains how to make a call sheet yourself, but also offers a free template.

Included in this wonderful page are downloads for 10 different forms you will need in filmmaking: the Call Sheet, the Script Breakdown Sheet, The Expense Report, The Daily Production Report, Personal Release Form, Location Release Form, Crew Contact List, Cast Contact List, Continuity Log, and a basic Sample Budget.

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Free Collections

Royalty free video, music, and sounds.

Royalty free images, footage, music, editorials, and more.

Royalty free images, illustrations, vectors, videos, and music.

I actually love this site and use it quite regularly. If you use from this site, try and upload your own sounds for other people to use.

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